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Roundup Ready Maize Launched in South Africa

April 19, 2004 - The launch of Roundup Ready maize was a major breakthrough for South African farmers. Roundup Ready (RR) maize is the third Roundup Ready product commercialised in the country. The others are RR soya and RR cotton and the gene in the RR maize is exactly the same as that in the other two products. South Africa is the first country outside of the USA where RR maize was launched. The product was approved by the South African government for release in June 2003.

The Roundup Ready cropping system allows the application of Roundup Ready herbicide to control weed species after the crop has emerged without damaging the crop. The Roundup Ready system gives unsurpassed broad leaf weed control, is easy, cost effective and safe to use.

Roundup Ready maize can be identified by the Roundup Ready Maize logo on the front and side panels of the seed bag as well as the blue colour on the side panels.